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Scon and Sconscript

Scon (Servo Control) is a system that combines SconScript, a powerful programming language with a microcontroller to implement robotic functions. Why Choose Scon ???

SconScript is an interpretive programming language that makes robotic servo control fast and easy allowing the robot builder to create more sophisticated robots. With multi-servo move commands that include synchronized speed control, Scon and SconScript make a great tool for Animatronic, Prop and Robotic projects.
Built with quality components, the versatile SB0XX products generate accurate jitter free servo pulses. SconScript is part of the "SB" controller series facilitating autonomous control of your project. A PC and PScon, the supplied PC application are used to program and load the SB with your instructions. In addition to the intended autonomous control, the SB's support a host of PC driven commands. Serial versions can be controlled by logic level controllers.